AdobeStock_214457371_LowRes.jpgNo one wants to waste gasoline, especially with these recent prices. So, if you notice that your car is not operating as efficiently as usual, it might be time to visit the service center here at Hall Nissan Virginia Beach. Nissan repairs can help with fuel economy problems.

Filter Replacement

Some of the filters in your car can affect your fuel efficiency. The engine air filter and engine oil filter can help protect your engine from damage, but they also can help your engine run more efficiently. Replace your filters if they're old to keep your car operating at peak performance levels.

Tire Checks

Your tires can actually begin to hurt your fuel economy numbers when they are not properly inflated. Checking your tires with a tire gauge of your own is always a good idea, but letting our mechanics take a look at them occasionally is also smart. We might be able to spot damage or a leak that's going to cause continued problems.

Spark Plug Replacement

Spark plugs help your car start up. If your plugs are old, they might start struggling to do this important job. In some cases, this can end up affecting your fuel economy. Replacing them is an easy fix and our mechanics are more than capable of handling this for you when you visit our Nissan service center.

Oil Change

If your Nissan parts aren't the cause of your issues, it might be the oil in your engine that's the problem. Oil helps lubricate your engine, allowing it to work while keeping its more delicate parts protected from friction and heat. 

When oil gets old, it becomes more of a sludge and doesn't perform its job as well. Replacing it with new oil can help improve your gas mileage and protect your engine from damage.

If you're in need of any repairs or replacement parts, visit our Nissan service center in Virginia Beach. Our factory-trained mechanics are ready to help you get your car back into top shape. 

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