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When it comes to getting a new Nissan car, your choices come down to buying and leasing. While buying is certainly a great choice for many drivers, leasing is something that should be considered as well. Here at Hall Nissan Virginia Beach, we know that leasing can be slightly confusing, especially if you’ve never done it before, but the experts in our Nissan finance center are here to answer your frequently asked questions about leasing a Nissan car.

Common Nissan Lease Questions

  • Can leasing a car be a better deal than buying? One of the main reasons why drivers choose to lease rather than buy is the price advantage. If you plan to drive the vehicle for fewer than six years, two to three year leases tend to be more cost-effective. If you’re asking, where can I find "Nissan lease deals near me," the answer is Hall Nissan Virginia Beach.

  • What is a down payment? When you choose to lease a new Nissan car from our dealership, you will have to pay a small amount upfront. This is known as the down payment, and it represents a portion of the total value of the car?

  • What happens when the lease ends? Most leases last anywhere from two to three years. When this period comes to an end, you’ll have a few different options. If you cannot bear the thought of getting rid of the car, you can purchase it outright from our dealers. You can also trade it in for a new Nissan car, or return it to our dealership.

Nissan Finance Center Serving Newport News, VA

Here at Hall Nissan Virginia Beach, we have a team of dedicated car finance experts who want to help you lease your dream Nissan car. Stop in at our new and used Nissan dealership serving Newport News, VA today to learn more.

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